303-2 aluminium alloy household ladder Suppliers

303-2 aluminium alloy household ladder

303-2 aluminium alloy household ladder

Lima New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


303-2 aluminium alloy household ladder Details

Product Number Step number Specification parameters(cm) Theoretical weight(KG) Step spacing(cm) Texture of material load(KG)
LM-302-2 2steps opned size:55*49*56cm     Closed size:60*49*15cm   Top platform to ground height:55cm 3 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-303-2 3steps opned size:83*55*68cm     Closed size:90*55*15cm   Top platform to ground height:83cm 4.6 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-304-2 4steps opned size:111*60.5*80cm     Closed size:120*60.5*80cm   Top platform to ground height:111cm 6.2 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-305-2 5steps opned size:139*66*92cm     Closed size:150*66*15cm   Top platform to ground height:139cm 7.8 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-306-2 6steps opned size:167*71*104cm     Closed size:180*71*15cm   Top platform to ground height:167cm 9.4 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-307-2 7steps opned size:195*77*116cm     Closed size:210*77*15cm   Top platform to ground height:195cm 11 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
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