Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Manufacturers

Aluminum Telescopic ladders

Aluminum Telescopic ladders

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Aluminum Telescopic ladders Details

Telescopic ladders use precautions:

1.Make sure that ladder stabilizer bars are in place and secure.
2.Make sure all rivets, joints, nuts and bolts are tight.stabilizer bars, feet, steps, and rungs are secure, and all hinges and locks function properly.
3.Keep ladder clean, free from grease, oil, mud, snow, wet paint , and other slippery material. Keep your shoes clean; leather soles should not be used.


Product Number Step number Specification parameters Theoretical weight(KG) Step spacing(cm) Texture of material load(KG)
LM-D200 6steps Extended height:2M Closedheight   :60CM 5.8 30 Aluminum profile 150
LM-D260 8steps Extended height:2.6M Closedheight   :67CM 7.6 30 Aluminum profile 150
LM-D330 2X12steps Extended height:6.8 Closedheight   :4.1 9.8 30 Aluminum profile 150
LM-D380 2X14steps Extended height:8 Closedheight   :4.7 12.5 30 Aluminum profile 150


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