204 aluminium alloy household ladder Suppliers

204 aluminium alloy household ladder

204 aluminium alloy household ladder

Lima New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


204 aluminium alloy household ladder Details

Product Number Step number Specification parameters(cm) Theoretical weight(KG) Step spacing(cm) Texture of material load(KG)
LM-203 2steps opned size:120*45*72cm     Closed size:130*45*10.5cm   Top platform to ground height:65cm 3.7 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-204 3steps opned size:145*48*86cm     Closed size:155*48*10.5cm   Top platform to ground height:90cm 4.4 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-205 4steps opned size:170*51*100cm     Closed size:180*51*10.5cm   Top platform to ground height:115cm 5.1 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-206 5steps opned size:195*54*114cm     Closed size:205*54*10.5cm   Top platform to ground height:140cm 5.8 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-207 6steps opned size:220*57*128cm     Closed size:230*57*10.5cm   Top platform to ground height:165cm 6.5 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
LM-208 7steps opned size:245*60*142cm     Closed size:255*60*10.5cm   Top platform to ground height:190cm 7.2 30 6063-T5(Baking paint) 150
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