What should I do if the insulation ladder is damaged during use?


When the insulation ladder is used, it is inevitable th […]

When the insulation ladder is used, it is inevitable that there will be abrasion and bumping. After a period of time, the performance of the insulation ladder will gradually decrease as the wear and bumping places increase. Everyone knows the importance of the insulation ladder to the staff, and we must always ensure The insulation performance of the insulation ladder, how often should the insulation ladder be tested?
As a commonly used safety auxiliary work tool for power system, insulation ladder is very important for safety performance. In accordance with the State Grid’s safety equipment management regulations, the inspection cycle of insulation ladders is once a year. Insulating ladders conduct electrical performance testing experiments on an annual basis. On the one hand, it can ensure that the ladder is in good performance, on the other hand, it is responsible for the life safety of the staff.
The ladders that have passed the test should be labeled with a qualified label and stored in a dry and ventilated place for backup. For products that are unqualified, contact the manufacturer in time for repairs. For some scrapped insulated ladders and insulated ladders that cannot be repaired, they should be repaired in time Discard it to avoid being used by other personnel.
If the collision is serious, it should be tested in time. If it can still be used, it should be repaired in time. If it cannot be used, it should be scrapped.