What are the precautions for using insulation ladders?


before use 1. Before each use of the ladder, you must c […]

before use
1. Before each use of the ladder, you must carefully check the surface of the ladder, parts, ropes, etc. for cracks, severe wear and damage that affect safety.
2. When using a ladder, choose a hard and level ground to prevent the danger of side tilt.
3. Check whether all the ladder feet are in good contact with the ground to prevent slipping.
4. If the use height of the ladder exceeds 5 meters, please be sure to set up a F8 or higher cable in the upper part of the ladder.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use the ladder when dizzy, dizzy, drunk or unwell.
6. When working around doors and windows, you must first fix the doors and windows to avoid opening and closing doors and windows hitting the ladder.
7. Use ladders under strong wind conditions with extreme caution or try not to use them.
8. Use the most suitable height of the ladder correctly, and never attach or place anything up and down the ladder to increase the height.
9. Without the permission of the manufacturer, the ladder will never attach other structures, and never use or repair damaged ladders.
10. When the ladder is raised and lowered, it is strictly prohibited to hold the cross brace to prevent cutting fingers.
when using it
1. It is absolutely forbidden to exceed the work load of the ladder.
2. The foot of the ladder has a non-slip effect. However, it is still necessary for someone to directly hold the ladder with their hands to remind the protection (while preventing the ladder from sideways), and step on the foot of the ladder to prevent the foot from moving.
3. Wear flat shoes when climbing the ladder to avoid slipping accidents.
4. When climbing a ladder or working, always keep your body in the middle of the cross brace of the ladder, keep your body upright and cannot stretch out, otherwise you may lose your balance and cause an accident.
5. It is strictly forbidden to move when there are people on the ladder.
6. Only one person is allowed to climb or be on the ladder.
After use
After the work is completed, please wipe the ladder clean and store it in a dry place.

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