What are the advantages of fiberglass insulated ladders compared to ordinary ladders? (2)


1. Anti-aging, long service life, safe and durable Addi […]

1. Anti-aging, long service life, safe and durable
Adding high-quality matrix resin and anti-aging additives to the FRP product processing technology greatly improves the anti-aging properties of the product. The product can maintain its gloss and sustained high strength for a long time, and the service life can be more than 20 years.
2. Safe anti-skid
In the long production of glass fiber reinforced plastics, the use of anti-skid rubber pads with high elastic modulus and different surface effects greatly improves the anti-skid performance of the insulating ladder, and its slight elasticity is also to a certain extent, reducing the fatigue of the staff. Diamond-shaped, sand surface, double plane, crescent cover, different covers give the insulating ladder suitable for use in different occasions non-slip performance.
3. Electrical performance
Glass fiber and high-performance resins give the insulation ladder superior insulation performance, its breakdown strength can reach 10kv/mm, no electrical sparks are generated when metal tools collide; the insulation ladder has good magnetic permeability and can be safely used in anti-electromagnetic and anti-explosion environments.