Can the ladder be used on different occasions?


Ladders are often the tools we must use. Different ladd […]

Ladders are often the tools we must use. Different ladders should be used in different situations. Household ladders cannot be chosen casually. The appropriate materials or types must be selected. Special attention should also be paid to the proper use of ladders. The load of scaffolding should not exceed 270kg/m2. It can be used only after passing the qualified listing experience. It should be checked and maintained frequently during use. Loads exceeding 270kg/m2, or special forms of scaffolding should be designed.
At both ends of the scaffold, at the corners and every 6-7 columns, sharp knife supports and poles should be provided. When the height cannot be set above 7 meters, the poles should be connected to the building every 4 meters vertically and every 7 meters horizontally. firm. The strength of stainless steel is high, the strength of aluminum alloy is generally low, and the price of domestic high-strength aluminum alloy ladders is more expensive. Aluminum alloys will not rust, aluminum alloy ladders are lightweight, and stainless steel will rust in harsh environments. The insulating ladder is made of unsaturated resin and glass fiber polymer pultrusion process. The material is epoxy resin combined with pin rod technology. The aluminum alloy ladder shaft steel parts have a protective layer on the surface.
Insulating coatings are used to treat machined surfaces of insulating laminate parts. From the appearance, the insulating ladder generally has a yellow coating on the surface, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel with a pan-metallic luster. In addition, wood aluminum alloy ladders are strictly forbidden to paint, because the paint will cover up the problems of aluminum alloy ladders. After the aluminum alloy ladder, it must be cleaned. The purpose of cleaning the aluminum alloy ladder is to prevent the aluminum alloy ladder from being corroded by some chemicals during use. The aluminum alloy ladder is also cleaned. You can make the aluminum alloy ladder look bright.