What are the basic purchase knowledge of aluminum ladder?


Ladder is one of the more commonly used tools. From the […]

Ladder is one of the more commonly used tools. From the perspective of material selection, aluminum is mostly used, and the safety and firmness are still very good. As a representative of the classic use of aluminum ladders, there are many choices on the market today, so what are the things to pay attention to when choosing? Let's take a look at the introduction of items that must be considered when actually purchasing.

1. Choose the right size
Judging from the current use of aluminum ladders, the size requirements are different, and there are also certain differences in design. According to the main use today, the height of the ladder is mainly 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm, etc., and the number of ladders is also divided according to different designs. Levels 4-10 are more commonly used. According to some special uses , There are also heightened designs. When choosing, we must be optimistic about the size requirements, more in line with the requirements of the operating environment, and play a good role.

2. Choose quality design
There are many choices of aluminum ladders, and it is necessary to consider the overall design. It is necessary to be optimistic about the overall design of the ladder and whether it is safe and stable. The main thing is to look at the riveting technology of the ladder itself to see whether it is easy to loosen, but also to look at the overall design and match whether it meets the requirements of safety applications.

3. Choose well-known brands

In the purchase of aluminum ladders, through the Lima New Material brand, you can first have a basic understanding of different ladders, see the production materials and technical scale, etc., and whether the provided ladder designs have quality assurance and support for longer and stable use. In terms of operational safety, they also provide strong support, which requires comprehensive