Safety ladder instructions


Safety ladder use instructions: Safety ladder scaffoldi […]

Safety ladder use instructions: Safety ladder scaffolding is mainly composed of vertical pole, crossbar, diagonal pole, cross bracing, ejector pole, base, adjustable base, foot pedal, stair, external wall bracket and other supporting components. The installation and use methods of each component are as follows: safety ladder hoisting test safety ladder hoisting test.


1. Adjustable base is inserted at the bottom of the pole, used as the level of the support system, the height is vertically adjusted and the pressure surface is enlarged, the force is given to the foundation, and the screw is used. The bottom plate is welded, and the adjustable base can not be adjusted too high to avoid a safety accident caused by the removal from the pole.


2. The pole is the main component that bears the load in the vertical direction. A row of pins is welded to the pipe of the pole every 495 to mount the crossbar, cross bracing, or diagonal bar. The pins are welded directly to the top of the pole to ensure no loss.


3. The crossbar is the horizontal load-bearing member of the frame. It is connected to the pole through the pin magazine. Since the pin magazine has ferroniobium, the connection between the two has excellent mechanical strength and high self-locking performance.


4. The cross bracing is the horizontal load of the frame and is used to place the ladder and pedal components. It is connected to the pole through a sales warehouse.
5. The ladder is placed on the cross brace for the access of the construction personnel.


6. The foot pedal is placed on the cross brace for the construction channel and the bridge plate of the operating platform.


7. The slanting bar is a member used to reinforce the entire frame. It is attached to the pin of the pole by a special diagonal joint.


8. In order to ensure the safety of construction workers, crossbars should be installed every 495 on the poles, and the handrails should be placed on both sides of the ladder. In addition, the diagonal poles of the safety ladders should be placed on all sides to enhance the stability of the whole frame.


9. The safety ladder will be placed with a zigzag staircase every 1.5 meters. The wall will be placed every 4-5 meters. The height is 100 meters.