Do you need to prevent electric shock when using a herringbone ladder?


Some electricians or home wiring problems, the operator […]

Some electricians or home wiring problems, the operator will choose to use a herringbone ladder to ascend, so there is a certain hidden safety hazard, here we use the ladder at home, generally in order to check the inside and outside of the room What is the fault of the line, or need to use a ladder for aerial work near the wire, in both cases, we need to pay attention to prevent electric shock.
1. All ladders must be kept away from power lines-especially metal ladders. Many people know that metal ladders cannot be used in places where there is a risk of electric shock. However, in the United States, many people still die every year because the metal ladder falls on an exposed wire, so don’t be lucky.
2. It should also be noted that, do not think that the ladder material is not metal, you can prevent electric shock. Because even wooden ladders and fiberglass ladders may cause electric shock problems when they are wet. So still pay attention.
3. Under rainy weather, do not use ladders for outdoor work. This is not only to prevent skid in rain, but also to prevent electric shock. In rainy weather, there are many water molecules in the air, which increases the possibility of current propagation.