Household folding ladder, practical and cheap! With it, women can also change the light bulb


On weekdays, at home, it often happens, you need to cha […]

On weekdays, at home, it often happens, you need to change the bubble, or take some items to the heights. This is often used to step on the stool to make a mistake, but worry about whether it will fall! Escalator, easy to help you solve these troubles. The large pedals and molded surface feel comfortable and safe when standing, making it easy for daily home maintenance. The outer anti-pinch opener can avoid injury and easy to carry when you close it! Let's take a look at it!


Herringbone ladder aluminum alloy household ladder folding ladder thickened double side cabinet stairs telescopic ladder engineering ladder, there are many places to be hygienic at home, but the location is too high, it is generally difficult to clean up, there is a ladder to help, it will It's a lot easier, the selection of high-quality steel-made shelves, the widened design of the footrests, the safer to step on, the folding, and the storage is also very simple.


Household ladder folding non-aluminum man-shaped ladder thickening multi-function indoor four-five step pedal stairs, stylish home ladder, retractable mobile, change your phone at home, easy to step on, no longer afraid of falling, small girls, you can get one person It does not occupy a place, is practical, sturdy and durable, but is simple but full of fashionable styling ladders. It can also be used as a storage shelf, stylish and dual-use, good-looking and super practical.


Herringbone ladder home indoor ladder thick aluminum folding ladder double side engineering ladder 2 meters, equipped with a multi-function indoor and outdoor mobile folding ladder, special four-five-six-step engineering ladder stool, available for different needs, especially small home At the beginning or already renovated, an alternate ladder will help you deal with many small problems everyday, simple and easy to use, and easy to use. It has a good load-bearing effect, double R-surround connection between the two brackets, wide-edge pedal design, and stepping on is safer.


Folding thick stainless steel aluminum alloy household herringbone ladder indoor four five six step ladder small stairs, at home, prepare a four-step five-step ladder, thicken the stairs, the reinforcement is more sturdy, not easy to fall; with it, high altitude The object is also easy to operate; the shrinkable design is convenient for storage and cleaning, the design meets the needs of bearing and stability, and can be used as a daily stool to meet diversified use needs. 


Household folding aluminum scaffolding scraping putty decoration folding horse stool engineering ladder mobile platform stool, this ladder can be folded when not in use, easy to carry, can be carried in the car, you can also use it when you go out! 


Household ladder folding ladder thick aluminum alloy attic ladder villa stairs telescopic ladder, this ladder can help you save space, when you don't need it, put it down, use it when you put it down, there is no need to use the attic! Folding ladder, practical and beautiful! With it, women can also change the light bulb.