Why choose a telescopic ladder?


Advantages of telescopic ladder: 1. Small footprint I b […]

Advantages of telescopic ladder:
1. Small footprint
I believe everyone knows the space area above and below the corridor occupied by a traditional staircase fixed in one location. As a new type of staircase, the telescopic staircase can completely occupy any space downstairs, and the upstairs can only occupy a small space of less than 1 square.
2. Good thermal insulation effect
Because the retractable staircase is a special staircase in the attic, the door panel and the opening are sealed well during installation, so that indoor and outdoor ventilation is not allowed. Such isolation isolates the indoor temperature from the outdoor.
3. Convenient and labor-saving operation
The attic telescopic staircase is very easy to open and lay down due to its characteristic technology and telescopic performance. The operation is very convenient and flexible.
4. High concealment
The installation of a telescopic stair is actually just a small opening between the attic and the room. It can be blocked by a door panel of the same color as the ceiling. When the staircase is not used, the door panel is used to block the staircase and it is hidden in the attic. There is more reasonable use of space.