What are the precautions when using aluminum alloy ladders?


In industry or daily life, ladders are an indispensable […]

In industry or daily life, ladders are an indispensable tool. Sometimes, people will prepare a small ladder for furniture in the home. Aluminum ladder is a kind of ladder of very common material, which has appeared since a long time ago. But now, people still choose this kind of ladder. So, when we use the ladder made of aluminum alloy, is there anything we need to pay attention to?

There are two types of ladders made of aluminum alloy, one can be extended and the other can only be combined. The second type is more common in most families, and the price of this ladder will be cheaper than the first type. However, we need to pay more attention when using it. In the process of using, pull the ladder to both sides until the horizontal bar in the middle is in a straight line, which is relatively stable. If you use it without reaching this condition, the ladder will shake easily and people will fall down.

Moreover, this kind of ladder is not a ladder made of insulator material, and has certain conductivity. Therefore, when we use aluminum alloy ladders, we should avoid using them in places prone to electrical leakage. When placing it later, keep it away from places with electricity and try to put it in some open areas.

Ladder of different height or different shape, it has its own weighing ability. When we use the aluminum alloy ladder, we must first see its weighing capacity, so as to avoid exceeding its weighing capacity during use. This will not only cause damage to the ladder, but also no guarantee for our personal safety.