What are the maintenance methods and skills of aluminum alloy ladders?


Aluminum alloy ladders are relatively common and the mo […]

Aluminum alloy ladders are relatively common and the most common for everyone. Because the material is lighter and suitable for moving, it is very important for aluminum alloy ladders to better maintain and maintain them. Although aluminum alloy ladders are not used Many, but you need some maintenance. Only when the maintenance is in place will it be more durable. Do you know how to maintain aluminum alloy ladders?
1. Run-in maintenance, the ladder must be run-in maintenance during the run-in period. When the machine is used during the regular run-in period, it must be used in accordance with the corresponding regulations, and the lubrication and tightening conditions shall be fully checked, and the entire ladder must be observed If abnormal conditions are found in each department, deal with it in time. The focus of running-in maintenance is to replace the lubricating oil, lubricate each part, and tighten each bolt. After the running-in period is completed, perform a secondary maintenance.
2. Disable maintenance. When it is out of service for a period of time due to factors such as seasons, it needs to be discontinued maintenance. Mainly do cleaning, facelift, matching, anti-corrosion and other operations.
3. For storage and maintenance, the storage and maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the storage requirements to reduce the corrosion of the long-term storage ladders caused by natural weather. If it is placed in a humid environment for a long time, the ladder will be corroded and will not be durable. Strengthen the inspection work of the ladder, and check the quality of the maintenance work. There are different maintenance methods at different times, and the method for everyone is also All of them are more practical and easy to operate, so you can try it out if you don't know.