What are the common sense things to know about the use of ladders?


Ladder is widely used in our lives. According to the us […]

Ladder is widely used in our lives. According to the use in different fields, there are different requirements for its own classification. So what are the items that need to be considered when using it? How to ensure a safe user experience? Here we come together to understand some common sense knowledge about the use.

Speaking of the use of ladders, of course, we must first consider the environment and pay attention to the safety of the surrounding environment. It is usually placed in a place without electricity, and cannot be used in strong winds to avoid falling and other dangers. The ground of the place should be as flat and stable as possible, and it is forbidden to place it on ice and snow ground without anti-skid measures or fixed equipment , This is prone to slipping, and there is no guarantee for the safety of users. It needs to be fully considered in actual use to avoid other use problems.

Of course, there are not only requirements for the surrounding environment, but also safety operating procedures must be considered in actual use. In actual operation, please pay attention if you are tired. Don’t do it. Usually you should keep your body’s center of gravity on the middle part of the ladder. Impact, you need to strictly follow the relevant instructions for the operation.

Regarding the use of ladders, these are the main considerations. For users who need to operate and use, they must first have a comprehensive understanding and strictly follow the relevant operating items to ensure the safety of use. Good help, you need to understand clearly in advance to ensure the safety and standardization of operation and use.