What are the advantages of portable household folding ladders? (2)


1. The wide pedal is safe and practical The width of th […]

1. The wide pedal is safe and practical
The width of the pedal is a factor to measure the safety factor. The wider pedal makes people feel more space to use, and the relative safety factor is slightly higher, which is both practical and suitable for placing items. But the same, when storing It takes up more space than narrow pedals.In terms of lightness, folding ladders of the same material will have different weights due to different pedal widths.
2. Glue surface floating anti-skid to ensure safety
Generally, the pedals of Aluminum Telescopic ladders have anti-skid design. The degree and method are different according to the design. The anti-skid effect should be the rubber surface. It is better to attach rubber on the surface of the pedal than to make the pattern and bump on the surface of the pedal. , It can prevent possible mistakes in the up and down process.
3. The dark color has strong stain resistance
In the ladder tube design, there are mainly silver and black, in addition, there are white and blue, etc. If you want to enrich the color of the folding ladder, you can choose colored pedals. In fact, the dark color system is better in terms of stain resistance, even if there is The stain is not very obvious. If the pedal is made of rubber, coupled with the bump design on it, the light-colored pedal stain will be very conspicuous.