What are the advantages of portable household folding ladders? (1)


1. It is safer with handrails Folding ladders generally […]

1. It is safer with handrails
Folding ladders generally adopt an integrally formed design with a reasonable structure. There are mainly mini-folding ladders, pull-out folding ladders, and self-supporting folding ladders. The pull-out type is more convenient to use, as long as the ladder is opened, the handrail can be pulled out from the top. And it occupies a small space. Although some folding ladders are not pull-out types, they also have handrails, which increase safety when climbing. Since folding ladders need to be stored when they are not in use, the space occupied by the ladder must also be considered Due to the factors, the small folding ladder is suitable for use in narrow and high spaces, and the self-supporting folding ladder occupies a slightly larger area after folding.
2. Determine the number of layers according to the space
According to the working height of the folding ladder, the number of layers of the ladder itself is also one of the influencing factors when you choose. General household miniature folding ladders have three levels of pedal height, which is convenient for adults and children to use, and is suitable for homes where the height is not high, or the family Daily use in families where the members are tall and the difficulty coefficient of getting things in high positions is relatively small. There are more than four floors, which are more suitable for families with higher space, and you should choose them according to your actual needs.
3. Steel material is stronger
Folding ladders are mainly made of aluminum, steel and iron. From the perspective of stress factors, steel is more stressed than aluminum and iron, and in terms of lightness, aluminum is slightly better. For one thing, moving and storing are more convenient than the other two.