Ladder-the humble servant of civilization


Ladder existed longer than recorded history. Images of […]

Ladder existed longer than recorded history. Images of the ladder can be found in cave sketches from 10,000 years ago. They are made of grass and are used to collect honey from beehives. The ladder has become an important tool for the rise of civilization. They have been used in construction, war, agriculture and exploration. Although it is a simple tool, it has helped shape our culture in important ways. Today, almost every home has an aluminum ladder. Platform ladders are designed to ensure worker safety, which helps eliminate workers' compensation claims against employers. Industrial ladders are devices that can become engineering wonders. They have been developed and adapted for many functions. Ladder has become a standard weapon in war for offense and defense. In the southwestern United States, many cliff homes are accessible via ladders.

Cliff homes are striking buildings that are sheltered in the hot summers and heated by the sun in the cold winters. Many homes have chisels carved into the rocks for people to use. An interesting feature is that these items often lack a carved cargo hold in some places. Ladder in these places is easy to pull up, it is difficult to enter the house and provide another layer of protection. In the Middle Ages, ladders were the standard tool for scaling inside and outside the castle. The army will march into the walls of the castle and build as many ladders as possible to launch the attack. Climbing on the walls of the castle is almost impossible and requires a full attack with high casualties. The ability to scale the castle wall with a ladder almost always fails. If a battle puts 30 ladders against the castle walls, 29 ladders will be defeated. However, offensive forces rarely need more than one ladder to successfully reverse the war. The ladder can also be used as a bridge to cross a gap in a wall or a moat at the bottom.

In another battle, to extinguish a fire, climbing a ladder has always been an essential tool. Ladder trucks have become one of the main weapons against multi-story fires. Today, many people are walking on the earth because they were pulled from the ladder by firefighters. External passageways were installed on the building's external structure, saving more people through fire escapes. Residential homes can be equipped with rope ladders that can be used to provide homeowners with fire safety and security services. The ladder of humility has been used throughout history, and it has led many people to raise their seat belts, victory or great achievements. Without a ladder, there would be no Sistine Chapel. Without a ladder, Michelangelo may not be able to perform his magic on the ceiling. Humility as a ladder has helped change the face of civilization.

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