How to maintain a telescopic ladder?


Although the telescopic ladder is easy to use and easy […]

Although the telescopic ladder is easy to use and easy to store, it needs good maintenance for various reasons. If it can not be maintained in time, it will greatly affect the use effect and service life of the telescopic ladder. Next, the editor will introduce the maintenance method of the telescopic ladder.
The key maintenance of the telescopic ladder is after each use, because each use will cause certain damage to the ladder, so it should be checked and maintained in time.
First, keep the ladder dry after using it. Because it will inevitably make the ladder contact with water during use, if it is not dried, it will cause the rust of the ladder. If the ladder is rusted, it is difficult to achieve the effect of expansion and contraction.
The second point is to check the screws around the ladder after use. Because it will violently shake during use, it will inevitably cause the screws to loosen. The loosening of the screws will not only shorten the life of the ladder, but also easily cause harm to people.
The third is that the ladder can not be stored in a humid environment, the humid environment is also easy to make the ladder rust.
These are just some of the contents about telescopic ladders and maintenance methods of telescopic ladders. I hope they will help you.