How to distinguish the quality of other people's word ladder?


1. Material identification Generally, it can be judged […]

1. Material identification
Generally, it can be judged by looking at the glossiness of the profile surface by the material. If the ladder is made of recycled materials, the surface is dull or pale, without gloss (basically non-reflective), the touch feel is rough, and the surface gloss made by new materials The degree is very good, and the touch feel is smooth and delicate; and the toughness of the material can be seen. The qualified aluminum alloy material should be able to restore the original shape immediately after being squeezed by the allowable external force. If it cannot be restored immediately, then this kind of ladder is There are great security risks.
2. Workmanship:
First open the ladder to take a look. If the ladder creaks as soon as it is opened, it is definitely not a good ladder. When a good ladder is opened and closed, there is no sound. When the ladder is opened, can the level be upright, such as shaking, check whether there are long and short feet, or check the materials and workmanship of the accessories, and finally the ladder interface The good or bad judgment is as follows:
a. If the interface is fixed by rivets, you can see the processing state of the rivets. If there is looseness or the gap is too large, it is a non-conforming product;
b. For welding with a fixed interface, the weld bead must be fish-scale like a standard product, and the weld bead must be full and uniform in height;
c. The interface fixing method is pressure riveting. It can be seen that the connection between the lower stepping rod and the ladder beam may be loose (not compressed), and the stepping rod flange should be of uniform size;
3. Check the bearing capacity:
In order to prevent poor quality ladders from hurting us when checking the bearing capacity, we must first look at the maximum bearing capacity of the mark. When the bearing capacity is suitable for the weight, we can personally inspect it. But it can’t be aggravated all at once. You need to add some weight tests when it can bear it. In the national standard GB 12142-2007 of the ladder, the load can be divided into four levels, namely 90KG, 100KG, 110KG, 135KG. The qualified safety load of the ladder should be Identified.