Aluminum ladders Comments: Prima combination ladder


Ladders used for commercial and trade places must be ve […]

Ladders used for commercial and trade places must be very strong and durable. They are made of rugged components, the best part with a kite mark to prove that they have passed a series of rigorous tests and are approved for use throughout the EU. DIYers also recognizes the value of trade and commercial quality ladder, many people choose them instead of light ladders for home design. Marked with EN131 ladder replaced the old British class 2 standards for business, trade and plenty of light DIY use. In such a ladder comprising aluminum, which provide the best combination of price, features, and functions. Finally, for avid DIY enthusiasts, EN131 ladder has a higher value and safer alternatives. The following is some information about the high-quality aluminum ladder: Prima Combination EN131.
Aluminum Ladder: EN131 combination ladders on Prima
The ladder has a unique and innovative Italian design. Prima has many functions, it is very safe to use ladders, while retaining the simplicity and high functionality. You will immediately notice a feature that is rung with a diamond shape. Diamond, also known as a diamond, is a parallelogram, wherein the adjacent sides of unequal length, and the angle is inclined. This design feature increases the strength of the rung, the rung more comfortable. Diamond-shaped rungs will not be as deep as your foot square or rectangular rungs. Another key feature is that they Prima ladder standard round wall. There is also a highly sophisticated stabilizer foundation open, scalable to a width of 83cm, excellent stability may be provided on various surfaces.
Prima combination ladder main features: aluminum ladder
Care must be taken to use aluminum ladder like Prima, because they conduct current. When electrical work, wood or fiberglass ladder is a better choice. Prima nylon coated steel having guide means, and the operation speed can be speed up the adjustment of the ladder. result? A smooth transition between the height. In addition, compared with competing products, aluminum lock strut may further enhance the stability of the ladder, while lower durability nylon rope used by competing products have this feature. Prima working load capacity of 150kg, and has a generous five-year warranty.
Aluminum Ladder: Prima EN131 specifications some combination ladders
Due to its aluminum construction, only the weight of the ladder Prima 15kgs. Extension length of 4.2m, a closed length 2.04m. Independent height of the ladder is 2.90m. Configured as a ladder, high 1.95m. The price ladder expected to be approximately 215.00 pounds, it can also be converted to a triple ladder, A-shaped ladder, stairwell ladder and extension ladder. With all this versatility, surprising combination ladder like Prima EN131 models are welcomed in the DIYers. They can be stored outdoors, there will be no adverse effects, and will not rust or corrode.
When it comes to high-quality aluminum ladders, Prima EN131 in the top echelon.