Aluminum ladder


Aluminum ladder has many advantages. They are one-third […]

Aluminum ladder has many advantages. They are one-third the weight of steel, will not add extra weight to the vehicle. Also, no rust and they have a relatively long lifetime. Here are two of many high-quality aluminum ladder available on the market today.
Sprinter Van Rack can hold up to 500 pounds of wood, ladders, conduit, etc. This structure is heavy aluminum ladder 1 1/2 "" square cross support 2 is set to "" square pillar. Moreover, their maintenance is not very difficult. Mounting base clip may be secured to the drip rail post, without drilling a hole in the vehicle. Wide on the base fixture may provide optimal support and stability. And it distribute the load evenly. Sprinters Van Rack ladder stopper helps the ladder fixed in position. 2 or 3 best choice intersecting cross braces model. A ladder with a powder coating, which provide security and robustness, durable appearance.
Aluminum and steel ladder heavy aluminum or steel may be provided cross braces. Stents are 1/8 "" clear anodized aluminum, may be painted. Cross support is of steel 14 gauge steel, covered by a strong high gloss and powder coating overcoat electronic assistant, then heat fusion. This helps to resist corrosion, rust and chipping. CROSS aluminum ladder support can withstand up to 750 lbs load, and a steel cross braces ladder can carry up to 850 lbs. Load evenly distributed on the ladder rack. Column by drip tube clamp assembly clamped to the drip tube. It has a stainless steel eyebolt, may be used to abduction to the rack.