Aluminum ladder safety training job


■ Before use: [check Equipment] 1, each of the inspecti […]

■ Before use:

[check Equipment]
1, each of the inspection ladder screw member is firmly stable, solid pedal in parallel; 2, self-locking means if the maximum angle of opening the ladder, and can play an effective role.

3, the word ladder material meets the requirements of special workplaces (for example: do not allow the use of a metal dotted word ladder, acid rot
Eclipse do not allow the use of the material is susceptible to acid corrosion of aluminum Ladders, etc.).
[PPE] checks required to wear shoes, wear a helmet; [ladder set up security check]
1, ladder placement guarantor flat solid; ladder feet keep the horizontal position;
2, the word ladder can not be placed at the door, the channel and the channel corner opening and the like. If you must be placed in this position, you must make sure the door
Passage through the lock or not when someone burst (so as not to hit the word ladder);
3, ensure that the two surfaces open to the right and left sides of the ladder level rod, intermediate rod herringbone ladder firmly secured without loose.
■ use:
[Note the word ladder up and down]
1, when the upper and lower word ladder facing towards the operator shall Ladders;
2, the upper and lower word ladder to do three-point contact (two-handed foot / feet hand); 3, the upper and lower word ladder can only span a file;
4, the word ladder up and down when the hands must not take anything else (including tools, materials, etc.);
5, the upper and lower word ladder to keep the center of the body is maintained in the intermediate position of the word ladder, as closely aligns with the ladder; 6, not more than Ladders antepenultimate gear portion using the word ladder; ladder top stand prohibition or straddle.
7, through the top of the ladder is not allowed from one end to another end of the cross-over must be from the same side down; 8, the use of the word ladder must always ensure that someone who leaning ladder; 9, must be reliable based on the art linked to two meters height seat belts, wearing helmets; [Note] during operation
1, the third person in addition to all the tools and materials on the word ladder needed for the work by word ladder should support the transfer of personnel to complete (or
Use up and down the rope passes), prohibits down throw, throw, throw tools and materials;
2, prohibit standing on one leg (foot vacated) operations; because the center of gravity farther away from the ladder, the ladder is easy to roll, fall; 3, prohibits only two people at the same time using the same word ladder;
4, if the need to place the word ladder, to be down from the word ladder; does not allow a person moves.
■ After Use: good clean environment.